About Jana

About Jana

Where Jana came from

My inspiration for the story is born out of love. Love for my (then) newly-born granddaughter, and for the greater natural environment in which I live. I find myself constantly defending our region and proclaiming it a natural wonder. This Desert is awesome. It is nature at its extreme. That plants and animals have adapted and prospered as species in this vast and climatically harsh region is an ongoing source of enlightenment to me. It is a wonder that I wish to share. Its magic includes fine characteristics that touch on boldness, adaptation, respect and resourcefulness. It is these qualities, and others, that I wish to communicate to my granddaughter and to other young readers, to girls in particular. Yes, it is possible to survive in a hostile environment.

To this end, I have created Jana, an extraordinary desert Hare.

Why a Hare?

Jana embraces challenges posed by the extreme heat, harsh conditions, and by other creatures living in the desert. My heroine is courageous, caring, and selfless. I first saw these qualities in a desert hare at the Al Ain Wildlife Safari Park. The hare was providing companionship to a lonely gorilla!


Lady, and her hare friend

Lady dies