Jean Blackman – the story behind the Jana story

Jean Blackman – the story behind the Jana story

Jana Hops to the Top

Written by Jean Wishart (Blackman)

Illustrated by Mark Clemens

Jean Wishart (Blackman)

My inspiration for this story is born out of love. Love for my (then) newly born granddaughter, and the greater environment in which I have lived for the past 12 years.

I find myself constantly proclaiming our region a natural wonder, and delight in sharing it’s majesty with others.

The Arabian desert is Nature at it’s extreme, where plants and animals have adapted and prospered as species in a climatically harsh region. This energy and determination to survive is a source of enlightenment to me; and one that I wish to share.

I am not a grand writer, nor an artist. I am a grandmother and friend of the local environment, hoping to inspire young readers to engage with the Arabian Desert.

- Jean Wishart Blackman

Mark Clemens

I do the good stuff! I joined Animation Studios where I work as a 3D animator, currently as Animation Director.

I have worked on a full feature length animated movie ‘’The Body Defenders’’, on TV series ‘’Ed and the Epper in the Wild’’, and another full length animated movie, ‘’Jock of the Bushveld’’.

I have also worked in Graphic design, Set design and Illustration.

Along came the horror movies (they haven’t influenced me, ha!) where I worked as H.O.D. of Sound and Production Design.

Finally, it was time for ‘Jana’! I have had fun illustrating this children’s story book.